History Edit

Teresa's test block was Test Block Zeta.

Appearance Edit

Teresa's form consists of a black shadow-like gas with many eyeballs (considered average on her planet) peering from within. The colors of the eyeballs change depending on a combination of her emotional state and phsyical fatigue.

Location Edit

Not much is known about Teresa's home planet, except that it is also controlled overwhelmingly by corporations. It is called Oculatus and it has one sun. According to Teresa, three people own 95% of the world's wealth. There are no non-sentient beings on Oculatus, but backup animals are stored on another planet. The three major corporations that effectively rule the planet are Pepsico, Comcast, and Apollo Global Management.

Trivia Edit

  • Her full name is Teresa von Floor, but her coworkers call her TV.
  • She works as an intern at ADT Home Security delivering various caffeinated beverages to her superiors.
  • She will often skip dinner so that she may afford "biogel" which allows her to have a good night's sleep.
  • She mostly eats Top Ramen and drinks Dr Pepper as they are extremely cheap on Oculatus (three "ojos" for a pack of ramen and ten for a six pack of Dr Pepper).