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Spine is a member of the delta test block for the DDCS industrial testing facility, he was the 33rd to join

Spine is a kind person, they are bad at art, and like movies! they are plagued with the disease know as dysgraphia, witch makes there typing, at its best difficult to read.

Spine is'int very good at cracking codes, or deciphering puzzles but he still likes to cheer there comrades on in there efforts, they spend there time where the action is and likes to talk to other test blocks using deltas block rather then moving the conversation to the rec room.

Spine loves all members of his block with a passion, and views them like family. they also love everyone in the DDCS and is always happy to help cheer up a friend in need. they feel lucky to be spine rather then someone else even if at times they dose not care for them self.

Spine has referred to to them self as he, she and they, and has no preference to what others call them, truthfully, he just dosent care. however due to this flexibility they often use the wrong pronouns for others. spine believes TV floor to be a male simply because thats what she reminds them of, and also believes there name to be eye. she is working hard to correct this error in there brain.

spine speaks both in the first and third person regularly and will often switch between them mid sentence. they dont know if this makes it difficult to read there text, but they like to do it still

Spine is fragile, harsh words and scathing comments are quick to make them cry. they have went to delta on more then one occasion and asked for hugs and a place to cry and vent. but they also have a darker more careless side that makes comments and jokes that have some times worried kay, due to they potential volatility. spine has been quick to adjust these habits when brought up.

Spine most likely has a crush on Ojingeo.