History Edit

Rubisco's test block was Test Block Gamma.

Appearance Edit

Rubisco™ is made of three kinds of soda formed together somehow during a lab accident into a sentient being. She is made of Crystal Pepsi, Pepsi Blue, and Baja Blast. She identifies as a girl because she likes them.

Rubisco absorbs CO2 in the air around her to carbonate herself, which supposedly keeps her alive. To hold her shape, and not be a simple puddle, she wears a metal backpack that provides artificial gravity from sugar and carbonated water.

Personality Edit

Rubisco™ is bubbly and happy. She describes herself as "fizzy". Rubisco™ hates Radsters because they are mean to her for being different as she presents as female amongst the homogenous, genderless species. She spends most of her time online where they dont know what she is as a result.

Rubisco™ draws a comic called Rubisco™ Gets Rolched™ about her and her friends, it bares many similarities to Tails Gets Trolled

Rubisco gets rolched

Location Edit

Rubisco™ is on the planet of Interrobang!?™ which is mostly populated by Radsters. It seems the planet has a lot of aesthetic and cultural similarities with the 1990s with a specific leaning towards soda. Mountain Dew does not exist but Surge, Code Red, and Baja Blast all do.

Interrobang!?™ has a very strong capitalist leaning. Some words, including the word Interrobang!?™, can't be said or written without paying a royalty fee.

Trivia Edit

  • Rubisco does not know what mtn dew is, but is aware of flavors of mtn dew such as baja blast. In her universe, theses are not mtn dew flavors, but their own seperate soda.
  • Rubisco wishes she was born in the 90s, and has a lot of nostalgia for the 90s, but the culture of Interrobang!?™ seems to still be 90s culture
  • Rubisco says her hat is supposed to have a picture as opposed to a checkerboard pattern, but was told when she bought it that "she did not have the proper things mounted". This is a reference to Garry's Mod, where not having certain games mounted results in a texture error of a pink and black pattern.