Part of Test Block Delta. Known elsewhere as 59.

The first test subject to join, though there was a glitch in the system which gave Unity the first name rather than her. She is in a romantic relationship with Lucky, whom she met through the events of Supercumrat64.

Nova isn't the greatest at solving things, so she tends to stick to the social aspects of whatever she can. and hopes her altruistic nature can be helpful at some point in the future. She uses the star-2 emoji (🌟) as a designation for herself and branded it onto her forehead in place of where the number 59 used to be found.

Nova is a very empathetic individual and likes to help others in any way possible; unfortunately this can get the better of her and cloud her judgement. Sentimental by nature, it's easy for Nova to grow attached to someone if they show kindness towards her - even if they aren't the most scrupulous of people. Because of their passion, Nova can also be quick to anger at times and will fight tooth and nail for those she cares for (even if she's rather weak) -- in addition to this, she's also very sensitive and prone to getting her feelings hurt. TLDR; Nova is very emotional and loves everyone very much.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being the first one to join, Nova was the 9th member to receive her name.
    • In Supercumrat64, her number designation was "59" and this is where she coined the "hope emoji" (🌟) so she takes this with a hint of serendipity.
  • Nova is quite fond of the colours yellow and peach.
  • She is an INFP.
  • Lucky and Nova have adopted Curse as their son.