Hotha Meridian (ഹോത മെറിഡിയൻ) is a pirate captain from the dimension of സമുദ്രം (roughly "the High Seas.") In the DDCS facility she is called "Kay" and resides in group Zeta. She uses she/her pronouns.

Description Edit

Hotha is a human, and refers to herself as such, but features traditional "furry" features, specifically cat ears and a tail. This also leads her to say "nya" a lot, usually in place of "yeah." She's an adventurer with a fighting spirit, an optimistic outlook, and a heart for the people. A bit behind on the times, but still has a good sense of humour. Will fight to the death for the happiness of her "crew," which consists of any being that isn't harming others, but particularly her friends from her ship and from the DDCS facility.

Dimension Edit

Hotha's dimension is essentially a fantasy earth with "pirates". These pirates are more like anti-capitalist adventurers of the sea, not the traditional pillagers. She is the captain of the ship S.S. Astrodelia. The dimension is living in an anarcho-communist style, thanks to defenders of the state of the world such as Hotha and her crew. The concept of capitalism not being vehemently opposed dearly confuses Hotha. There is magic, yes, but also technology is primitive compared to 2017 Earth. Hotha is only able to communicate with DDCS through a run in with trans-dimensional magic.

Possession Edit

Hotha absorbed the power of a trans-dimensional deity after defeating it, which allowed her knowledge of some external dimensions such as Earth and the ability to connect to DDCS without normal technological means. However, the deity now resides within her, "possessing" her by speaking in place of her at times. This is usually denoted by use of italics and use of the "hewwo" template of speaking. The thing doesn't have a name, although it claims to have one, different each time but starting with S and sounding vaguely Russian. It's expressed it uses any pronouns. After being connected to Hotha for a long time, it lost it's sense of malevolence and is now, at most, mischievous.

[Actor] Edit

[Hotha is an act done by a subject named Annabelle! Her tumblr is burmunchie. When she speaks out of character she uses brackets to represent this. She was Constituent 19 during SCR64! Also she loves her girlfriend a lot]